1. The origins of Amalfi
6. The end of free Dukedom
2. The Byzantine Age
7. Between XII and XIII century
3. The foundation of the Republic
8. The Romantic Grand Tour
4. The Amalfi free Dukedom Age
9. Amalfi today
5. The higly civilized society
The origins of Amalfi

The origins of Amalfi are veiled in legend, founded by the hero Hercules, who on this beach buried his beloved Amalfi, the nymph with eyes the colour of the sea…but this is only a legend in the classic manner, it was the more practical inhabitants of Scala who founded it in the VI century…

Pannello Ceramico realizzato nel 1968 da Diodoro Cossa,
attraverso una serie di quadri scenici, l’opera espone i
momenti salienti della storia amalfitana

Sometime before, a Roman expedition heading for Constantinople was caught in a terrible storm and was wrecked on the rocky shores of Ragusa, departing from there they undertook a long journey and on arrival at Palinuro they founded Melphi.
Several years later Rome fell in 476 and oppressed by the Vandals the colony took refuge, first at Eboli but they never forgot the dream of a land of their own. A land that after much searching they found on the Coast of Amalfi , between the mountains , in a protected position with plentiful water, on the heights of present day Scala, where they founded Cama…

Giustiniano came to the throne of the East, and after many battles took most of the barbarian possessions in Italy that then came under the Byzantine protectorate of the Duchy of Naples. In this atmosphere of relative calm and security the people of Scala, the Camensi, who were threatened from behind by the Barbarians, took to the sea and the construction of ships: they also founded Ravello, Atrani and Amafi (Amalphia) …

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