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Amalfi has to be lived in to be fully understood, frequenting the winding paths along the alley-ways, up the step steps that lead to the higher part of the town, between the pastel- coloured houses that seem to hang suspended but are set into the rocks.

Above all discover the town because it always has something new to offer the tourist seeking originality. The monumental beauty of the Churches, the famous Paper Mills hidden in the Valle dei Mulini, the Ancient Arsenal of the Republic of Amalfi, the rainbow colours of the Emerald Grotto, or the Name Plaques that record the enjoyable sojourns of illustrious personages who formed part of the towns history.


In this happy town Henrick Ibsen found inspiration for “The Doll’s House”, Gregorovious and Morse, Bismarck and Wagner also stayed here, in more recent times Foreign Royalty and men of the Arts and Entertainments…(Nicola Fudoli in “Amalfi Beautiful Pages” and De Luca 1985)



C.A.P 84011 - ABITANTI: 5.987 - ALTITUDINE: 2 m

FRAZIONI e distanza dal centro:
Pastena, km 1.5
Lone, km 2
Vettica, km 4.3
Pogerola, km 8
Tovere, km 8.5

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